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Point Of No Return

We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory will swell when again touched. As surely they will be. By the better angels of our nature.

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"Oh, I just threw up in my mouth a little." --Axl



With a frown, the woman looked in his general direction and tilted her head before remarking, in a non-approving manner, —and you just had to share that with me because…?


"Because it’s true." Axl mumbled, trying to quell the queasy feeling in his stomach by looking away from the sight in front of him. "You can keep trying, but I’m not going to do that. I can’t drink blood. It’s just… So wrong.”

If you’re hoping for survival, you have no other choice," her words were blunt, as was the tone of voice she used in trying to get that fact, if nothing else, embedded into his brain. The woman had offered to be of as much help as she could, but his attitude was grating on her nerves. Is it really so difficult to try, Axl? You’re going to have to, at some point.

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"Oh, I just threw up in my mouth a little." --Axl

With a frown, the woman looked in his general direction and tilted her head before remarking, in a non-approving manner, —and you just had to share that with me because…?


Sentence Meme [ Leverage: Season 1 Edition ]

• ”You’re precisely why I work alone.”
• ”How many plans do we have? Is there like a plan M?”
• ”All right, let’s go break the law just one more time.”
• ”He tried to kill us.”
• ”More importantly, he didn’t pay us.”
• ”What’s in it for me?”
• ”There’s something wrong with you.”
• ”I’m just very good at what I do.”
• ”Oh, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.”
• ”I’m a professional criminal and I find that disturbing.”
• ”Well, somebody got to fight the injured, shoot, that’s my niche.”
• ”As long as I don’t have to do anything immoral.”
• ”No, absolutely not. No, I just need you to figure out how to…fake a miracle.”
• ”Look, look… look man, you’re lucky on this deadline, I didn’t give you a baking soda volcano.”
• ”The truth? The truth is what I say it is.”
• ”Sometimes bad guys are the only good guys you get.”
• ”People are like knives. Everything’s in context.”
• ”Did you just kill a guy with an appetizer?”
• ”It’s like a placebo effect. It’s not really working, but it makes you feel better anyway.”
• ”You bailed on the job because you were up all night playing a game?”
• ”Death haunts us every day, no matter where we are.”
• ”I had fortune cookies for breakfast.”
• ”Somebody find me a brain.”
• ”Oh yeah, he’s definitely getting creepier.”
• ”Don’t get mad, but…I may have spilled slushie in your car.”
• ”I’m not-don’t try to change the subject!”
• ”I was aiming for his leg.”
• ”You want me to kick it?”
• ”I’ma go and… freshen up a little bit. Maybe cry a little.”
• ”Everything I learned about people, I learned ringing doorbells and in a bow tie.”
• ”Jumping from a sky scraper, she’s cool. But making small talk, it’s like pure terror.”
• ”I literally cannot make this slower or any more boring. Okay?”
• ”You know why they say Justice wears a blindfold? So you can’t see that Justice is asleep.”
• ”I am sure there’s reservoirs of boring you have yet to plumb.”
• ”Are you here to kill me, [name]?”
• ”Hey, [name]. I got some dental work with your name on it.”
• ”What do you say we hook up so I can give it to you?”
• ”You were all trying to solve your version of the crime instead of just trying to… solve the crime.”
• ”There’s a reason we work together.”
• ”You actually expect this to work?”
• ”No, you’re supposed to say “Wow, that’s just crazy enough to work!”“
• ”Incredibly, chance does seem to bend itself to his bizarre machinations.”
• ”That’s his superpower.”
• ”Screw therapy! That felt really good.”
• ”So, you know your entire plan depended on me being a self-serving, utter bastard.”
• ”Yeah, that’s a stretch.”


Sentence Meme || [YA book quotes edition]



u ever have that friend where ur like. yes lets get an apartment together. lets adopt 200 cats. lets DO IT

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"Trade secret love." He whispered against her lips before kissing her again." Now as for the cake if you let it cooked any longer I think it would have gotten up and walked away." He smiled hugging her gently before pushing her against the counter and biting her neck." As for the blame well it’s hard to say since my mind is more on kissing you and holding you again, than the cake."

As a response to his insult toward her baking skills, she bit his lower lip and refused to kiss it better, regardless of the close proximity between the two. If he was going to push his luck, she knew just how to make him squirm — though it was at times a task; he was, after all, a soldier of sorts. Managing to knock them unsteady on their feet was not as simple as one might have believed it to be. He was used to absolutely everything and he’d face horrifying things.. surely, he would not have the wool pulled over his eyes by a woman. Carlos, what ever I am gonna do with you, hn?she mused, her head lulling backward as he bit down on the flesh beneath her ear. If you keep that up, I’ll be filling your firearms with glitter.

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“What’s wrong?”



Lashes fluttered briefly as she rose her gaze to meet his; he stood there with arms folded, that look of enormous concern etched onto his features as he awaited a response. How could she possibly confess something like that? It was just as horrible to recall what had happened - but the young woman knew full well, he would not drop it until she spilled every detail.

Perhaps the details would fall into place soon, but not right now. Right now, all she managed to get out was a very soft mumble of H.. he, he hit me…


     Completely startled by the red, teary eyes, George felt the immediate need to help. Sympathy got the better of him, suddenly asking her what was wrong. The pause is filled with furrowed eyebrows, attempting to understand what was fully going on. Even after the answer he was left somewhat in the dark, anger filling his body.

     Many questions flare up, the most obvious one: “Who’s he?” A boyfriend or something? Regardless of who, the boy felt completely baffled. Why would anyone hit this girl? And why would anyone resort to violence for any reason at all? “Where did he hit you?” is the next question on the list. Before he’s able to help, perhaps he should get to know the situation first. “What exactly happened?”

Helene found it terribly difficult to take control over his silent sobs as she stood there, not really knowing what to do with herself, for fear of frightening him off. No one had wanted to listen and so, the company of someone she barely knew was at present her only option. Regardless, the obvious concern buried in his eyes informed her he was, unlike them, considerate. It was a tad unusual to have a stranger care so much, but she chose to accept it anyway.

He was my boyfriend. I suppose that’s why I have these bruises; I should’ve done something a lot sooner, really. He’d been pretty horrible for months, but tonight.. I finally found the courage to tell him to leave me alone — that I never wanted to see him again… and he just snapped," this was not the first time that man had lashed out over a disagreement and because this time she had opted to get herself out of it, he reacted far worse than was normal. I hate hospitals, that’s the only problem I have right now. I can’t be sure because I’m too afraid to look, but my ribs are killing me.

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